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Currently a Security Professional, retired US Navy, and former Police Officer. Married with three children. Currently living in Florida but wish I was back up north. Adopted as a baby but have recently located my birth mother and found out that I have a brother, who is also the family historian. Through several conversations with him he has verified our lineage back to the 1620's and that I am a decendant of Cantoneras and Cornielius Van (Texel)Tassel and I am very anxious to verify my lineage with the Montauk Tribe. Very angry to read of all the controversy surrounding the rightful claims of the Montauk. If someone could contact me about verification requirements, I would be honored to be counted among the current proud Montauk Tribe.

Recently Discovered Heritage

Greetings: I recently found out that I am a descendant of Catoneras and Cornelius Jensen Van Texel (Van Tassel). I was curious to know if you possibly had any other information or reference material that could help me more accurately … Continue reading

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